Fightstar at Funeral For A Friend

Fightstar performed at Southampton Guildhall to support Welsh rockers Funeral For A Friend, and obviously this got the girls of Southampton rather excited, especially one girl who decided it was a good idea to run round the guildhall screaming and giggling with excitement while doing cartwheels and the splits.

Fightstar were given a 35-minute slot at the show, throughout which Charlie Simpson's vocals were terribly distorted; even when he was speaking I couldn't understand what he was saying. The drumming, as good as it was over powered the vocals and the other instruments, although when you could make it out it was obvious that the band have a very good bassist. They also seemed to be cursed with feedback, but this didn't put the crowd off, they were happily clapping and dancing away, even the mums. And the lack of clarity didn't stop them trying to interact with the crowd. At some points during their set they used orange/yellow lighting, one got the feeling they were trying to recreate the look from Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit video.

Although Fightstar seemed to by plague by poor sound, they kept a consistent energy level throughout, and didn't let the sound problems put a dampener on the night; which the crowd seemed to appreciate as they received a big applause at the end of their set.