Underrated Power Metal

I'm going to give the Edguy game away now and say that Nocturnal Rites, for me, were the best main stage act on the Friday. These underrated Swedish power metallers have several quality tunes in their locker, and the fact that they only had forty minutes to play meant they could cherry pick the best of them.

I must point out that the sound at this year's Bloodstock Open Air festival, was quite superb, especially compared to last year's straining din. It was therefore in the mix that saw Nocturnal Rites appear on the stage to a very bass heavy sound. This was quite apt however as bass player Nils Eriksson jumped around the stage as if someone had shoved a batch of firecrackers up his butt. But I think the balance on stage was perfect because singer Jonny Lindkvist isn't a stage lunatic. He's more of a singer that holds himself with grace and style.

From a slow start (and I would contest any band starting a festival with a slow tempo track, especially when you're not always playing to the converted) the band soon picked up the pace and received a genuine good response from the crowd, who had converged from the beer tent and the metal market to see this Swedish five-piece. It was only Nocturnal Rites' second ever UK show, and by the look on their faces, I think they were genuinely surprised to see their music go down so well with the English crowd.

Jonny Lindkvist showed us what a great voice he has. But as I watched his golden locks fluttering in the gentle breeze, I couldn't help thinking that this man would look great in a wind tunnel. His poses, interaction and delivery perhaps outclassed everybody over the two-day festival. With such great cuts as 'Afterlife' and 'Against the World,' Nocturnal Rites prove they are one of the better bands of this genre. Although from a personal point of view, something less power-metal generic in future, would perhaps set them apart from the pack. Excellent