A little out of place

It was as if Gorilla Monsoon had crashed the party. Large numbers of the crowd stayed away for two reasons, The first is because the band weren't initially listed, and the second is that Gorilla Monsoon is a shit name for a band and completely puts you off. However, those who stayed to hear what the band were all about, were treated to some lively groove ridden, stoner metal. It was certainly something to shake us up after having to witness two sets of mediocre goth.

The German four-piece looked dirty and they played dirty, using a deep fuzz rather than the usual metal crunch in the guitars. The overall sound was extremely meaty which sadly drowned out Jack Sabbath's vocals. The band were slightly different to your usual bloodstock band, coming across as Black Label Society mixed with Black Sabbath. A potent combination that only got through to the crowd after about the fourth song.

The band delivered what the festival needed at that point, a bit of metal. Up until then the Saturday hadn't really come to life, only the 2nd stage was showing a little promise. Although Gorilla Monsoon perhaps went down the worst over the two days, I think they woke the crowd up sufficiently for the acts to follow. By the end of their set, the sparse crowd were getting into the stoner grooves, and the band left more popular than when they arrived, which was the whole idea.

I think this band could do well but they needed to be on the 2nd stage and not the main stage. Their stoner material would have been perfect for the smaller, club style atmosphere of the beer tent. Having said all that, they performed well, were professional and certainly caused this reviewer to look them up on the internet. Job done.