A Perfect Start

Only twenty minutes after the gates to Downlaod 2006 have opened, Suns of the Tundra take to the Snickers Stage for an eclectic opening set. With a saxophone, a megaphone, a sombrero and a selection of the usual rock instruments, Suns of the Tundra kick off with a heavy, rich, layered that reflects their years of practice.

Originally Suns of the Tundra were the early 90s band, Peach, however after line-up changes the band split and then re-formed with most of their original members as Suns of the Tundra in 2002 after a successful re-release of one of Peach's albums.

With vocal duties shared, the band immediately produces a sound that you wouldn't expect from the first band of the festival. With an eclectic sound that can be part likened to fellow stage-mates Clutch and ex-touring buddies Tool, Suns of the Tundra are a band that you need to check out if you like your rock slightly experimental, partly-prog and laden with effects.

With a thirty second "Come on Donington!" scream the Snickers stage gradually fills up throughout the set culminating in a Peach's song often covered by Tool themselves. A great way to start any festival, but the perfect way to start a day ending in Tool headlining.