Preparing For Bigger Stages

Unusually, there is a large crowd sprawled on the grass in front of the Myspace/Gibson stage. Download radio is on, and as Kitty Hudson are mentioned on the program, the crowd gathered cheer. Not bad for a band first on the third stage on the first day.

It's an odd assortment gathered- people are wandering in curious whilst some people proudly display pierced lips and wonky side partings and others plain t-shirts and normal jeans.

Kitty Hudson are part of the new collection of bands bringing back traditional rock values. There is a touch of Velvet Revolver somewhere amongst the overpowering swagger. Second track 'Road to Nowhere' continues the bolshy alcohol fuelled smoothness and the crowd happily sings along. After each song Kitty Hudson receive a hefty applause, and it's well deserved.

'Rock Motherfucker' is a new track played third in their sadly, short set, and it sees the band settle into the stage and audience. Their music gains a new depth as they become more comfortable with where they are.

It might not be main stage material-yet!- but it is a refreshing change from the constant stream of Emo bands playing at the moment. This is a band who potentially can go far, they have the swagger, songs you can drink or dance to but above all their friendly banter with the audience makes everyone feel like they're welcome to join in and discover this band. It certainly would not be surprising if they appear on a higher set at Download in years to come.