Pure Fun!

Well, The Spinto Band just look like the funnest band to be a part of. I haven't found myself actually wanting to play in an established group like that in a long time, but upon walking in and seeing The Spinto Band tearing through their set with kazoos and a real school-boy energy and passion I did wish I was up there with them, enjoying every minute of it, as they seemed to be.

Tom Dunne (Today FM DJ, previously of Irish band Something Happens) deserves a heap of praise for the line-ups he chose to play on his Pet Sounds Stage over the two days at Oxegen. He's been bigging up The Spinto Band for a while on his radio show and now his fans finally got the chance to witness them live, and quite a spectacular gig it was too.

'Brown Boxes' was cooler than cool with a chorus of kazoos going for the main motifs, 'Direct To Helmet' was pretty seminal as it was played early on in their set and 'Mountains' was another monstrous hit that came crashing in loud and proper. But it was 'Oh Mandy', unsurprisingly, that really won the crowds affections. That top-notch summer tune pissed all over the rain and created a gleaming sunshine-atmosphere in the tent, the crowd couldn't get enough, all singing along and loving it like there was no tomorrow.

They certainly proved their worth as a live band at this festival and quite evidently won a whole load of support from the Irish crowd of fun-time music lovers. For a band that's been going as long as they have, the sense that this is only the start and the future is so extremely bright and exciting gives a backing to The Spinto Band that promises that they're gonna be around for a while to come and they're gonna get a lot of people on their side. Awesome show that got everybody looking forward to what they'll do next time they see them.