Remington Fuzzaway

65 Days Of Static find themselves elevated to headliners in the Rock Sound Cave due to the no show of INME (due to one of them breaking his collarbone). A ridiculous one out one in door policy, when there is plenty of room on the far side, means many would be punters give up or miss much of the set.

What is immediately evident is that 65DOS have become a very slick and accomplished band over the last couple of years, far more so than when I first encountered them supporting Million Dead two years ago. They are loud and gloriously anthemic in places and they exude energy throughout their set, which also benefits from excellent sound. Trippy beats fit perfectly alongside crashing guitars and coupled with a good light show they deservedly get the biggest reaction of the day by far and are the only band to get called back for an encore. Alas the crowd are to be disappointed on that front despite their set finishing several minutes before curfew.

I've had my doubts in the past that they would have any kind of longevity with their purely instrumental sound but any fears on that front seem unfounded on tonight's performance. 65 DOS were a cult band in the making for a long time, I think it's safe to say that cult status has now been achieved as they do an admirable job of standing in as headliners.