After putting in a solid performance at Download, Scottish four piece The Hedrons arrive at Guilfest mid tour to do it all over again.

They certainly picked the right day to play and although not packed out there is a good crowd assembled in the Rock Sound Cave. Unfortunately the dodgy crowd speaker seems to have packed up completely and its way too quiet as they begin, which is unfortunate, as much of Rosie's excellent lead guitar work is all but lost in the mix. They go down extremely well though as they plough through a set full of classic garage influenced punk rock vibrancy.

Vocalist/guitarist Tipi follows on from Download with another excellent performance highlighted best during an excellent rendition of 'Couldn't Leave Her Alone'. The catchy chorus and driving riffs impress and the crowd are very vocal in their appreciation. Thankfully the guitar volume comes up and The Hedrons full effect is realised, fast, melodic and in your face is the order of the day.

Their debut single 'Be My Friend' is out on July 31st and has all the elements in place to make it a hit. The accomplished harmonies of 'Stars' give way to the first attempt at audience participation during 'Charm'. The band freeze for a good ten seconds mid way through whilst the crowd shouts and applauds. The song is more rock than punk but is no less infectious. Future single 'Heatseeker' is reminiscent of Girlschool and make no mistake, The Hedrons rock just as hard. 'Dear Thomas' is straight up punk rock and it's refreshing to hear it at such a laid back family festival like Guilfest.

Some great drumming from Soup and another storming showing from bass player Chi shows there are no weak links in this band. The energy and enjoyment that the band put over really wins the crowd over and right now it seems they are on a roll. Currently out on tour and with the single imminent all is rosy in The Hedrons garden.