Steeling the show on the final night

Breed 77 played the performance of the day for Sunday's line-up in the Rock Sound Cave. They packed the tent with anyone who did leave quickly being replaced and their must have been quite a queue outside with people drawn to check out one of rock's emerging talents.

Front man Paul Isola has got that working the crowd thing sussed, with his foot up on a monitor he gets a sea of hands from the gathered faithful. He is backed by a band who are excellent musicians, some strong duel guitar work is driven a long at a fierce pace by a drummer who can only be described as a maniac.

Maybe it was the heat which delayed the place going absolutely wild, but 'World's on Fire' sees a pit form in the middle of the tent and from there is no return.

The band have a new album 'In My Blood' out on September 11th, and they treat the Guilfest fans to a handful of tracks from it. The one which stood out the most was a comparatively slower number called 'Empty Words', which has MTV smash hit single written all over it.

The new stuff is extremely well received. Before 'Apathy' the crowd are asked to "show me your wares moshpit!": they duly oblige.

Other tracks to go down well include 'Live', 'Remember That Day' and 'Blind', and by the time the set draws to a close the crowd are virtually pinned to the ceiling.

Earlier on in the day the Rock Sound Cave was lacking a bit in atmosphere, and it seemed nobody had been able to blow the walls out. With a bit of help from Winnebago Deal before them, Breed 77 ensured that Therapy had an audience fully charged, sweating buckets and ready to rock one final time for Guilfest 2006.