Hunted Down

There's one thing about Winnebago Deal that nobody can deny, for a two piece band they make one hell of a fucking noise! Getting the biggest turn out of the day so far by a long way, they waste no time in ripping it up. From the minute they start the drums just pummel you to death whilst monstrous scything guitar riffs hammer six inch nails into your head. Intensity is the order of the day.

Winnebago deal are big and raucous and whilst they are a bit messy at times it's always gloriously so, they just ooze power and grunt at every turn. The between song banter is totally illegible but it doesn't really matter as their wall of sound does all the talking necessary. The crowd does thin out a bit and I can't help thinking that the band are just a bit too full on for some of the Guilfest crowd.

The vocals are gravelly and screamed and when you play music this fast and hard they really couldn't be any other way. It really is difficult to describe just how full on Winnebago Deal are, imagine a battleship unloading it's guns on a fishing boat at close range and you're in the right area! All in all a pretty stunning performance that I'm not sure Guilfest was ready for. With a storming version of 'Manhunt' and a 1000mph ending it's all over in a flash. With their new album 'Flight of the Raven' out now and currently on a headline UK tour it's all looking good. Britain needs bands like Winnebago Deal, quite simply they'll kick your ass!