Back with a bang!

Kosheen are one of this country's best live acts, and they played a typically strong set on Guilfest's Main Stage on Saturday evening.

In Sian Evans they have one of the best female singers around, and Kosheen are certainly never going to be accused of lacking variety at any stage in their career. Having burst onto the scene with the drum and base track 'Hide U', their early work was very dance orientated, and this was how the set began.

As well as 'Hide U', the massive smash 'Catch' was belted out with an infectious energy which meant this was shaping up to be a real weekend highlight.

Kosheen have a new album on the way called 'Damage'. No release date is confirmed for this as yet, but it looks likely that a track called 'Overkill', which followed 'Catch' on Saturday evening, is to tbhe the next single. Having dabbled in rock on their last record 'Kokopelli' this suggests they're heading back towards a more electronic sound. Speaking of rock there was a decent slab of that too, 'Avalanche' was a real set highlight.

Returning to their early drum and base sound for '(Slip and Slide) Suicide', they mixed styles perfectly and at no point was there too much of one thing.

They left two heavyweights to the end; the brilliant 'Hungry' was followed up by the equally strong 'All in my Head', the latter for me is the time you can most appreciate what a fine live performer Evans is.

This set went down a storm, and was perfect for the warm evening Guilfest experienced on Saturday. With the variety of styles on offer at a Kosheen gig there genuinely is something for everyone and there are few better festival bands around right now.