Still churning it out

Gary Numan was sandwiched in between Kosheen and A-Ha on the Main Stage line-up on Saturday night, and slotted in well with his style of rock-based electronic music.

Understandably this was watched by an older audience, but the interesting thing about what Gary Numan does is that even the older stuff doesn't sound dated when played live.

Variety isn't his strong point in terms of killer hooks, but this was certainly a very interesting hour of music. Having seen Massive Attack for the third time recently, comparisons can be drawn to what they do in the live arena, for they definitely play with a rock edge. It is also possible to see that artists like the Killers and Kasabian may have taken inspiration from what Numan and his contemporaries have recorded, not too mention Maralin Mansen at his most glam and electronic.

Clearly 'Cars' and 'Our Friends Electric' were always going to be highpoints, but with a new single 'In A Dark Place' out this month, Numan is still churning out music of importance in 2006.

He hardly spoke to the packed crowd throughout the gig, but I don't think they were that fussed. They'd simply come to see a man who has made a real musical difference in his long career.