Passing the time

The AG Band were forth from the top in the Rock Sound Cave on Sunday afternoon. Strangely although this is very much the middle of the day for set times, the tent went through a definite lull in terms of attendance for both The AG Band and their predecessors Nik Turners Galaktikos. The poor turn out is improved as the set wears on but not by a great deal, most watching them simply sat on the grass as there wasn't much about them from the outset that will convince the unenthusiastic to get up and move with the music. Also they're not helped by the same crowd speaker that was faulty at times during Saturday.

That said they're a decent band with a confident frontman, who play mid-tempo, mainstream appealing alternative rock. At first it seems that they're going to be a touch too soft considering the stage they're appearing on, however a track called 'Hold Yourself High' picked up the pace, and they do have enough variety to make this an interesting if unremarkable half hour of music.

They have a cultured style of songwriting and a definite ear for a good hook. Other tracks of note included 'Breathe', 'Whether You Like It' and 'Sunday Bliss'.

For those not especially taken by the band, they could enjoy the antics of a guy who was in charge of a small army of kids filming the set. He ran through the crowd like a lunatic throughout the show, maybe the band could hire him in case they find themselves met with a tricky crowd who are really not feeling their music in case things need to be livened up somewhat.

Whether The AG band have it in them to climb the musical ladder remains to be seen, they adequately passed the time but there were stronger sets to come later in the day which would really pull in the fans.