Nephwrack impress and entertain on friday afternoon

I have to say I was really quite looking forward to Nephwrack before I saw them; the samples I had heard were very entertaining and their sound was just a little bit different enough to warrant catching their set. Fortunately, the band were just as good as they are on record and played a highly entertaining set to open the second tent.

As said, in terms of their live energy the band have got what you need to please - a sense of energy and dynamism coupled with entertaining between song banter and solid crowd interaction, and there really is very little that the band can be faulted on in terms of the performance side. Musically speaking their mixture of clean and growled vocals from singer Laurie rumble over the top of their crashing extreme metal sounds to create an ear-pleasing mix, again an area they cannot be faulted on.

So really, apart from the disappointment of not hearing a live version of their excellent song 'Ravenous', Nephwrack were a good choice to open the second stage at this year's Bloodstock. Their mix of extreme metal stylings with a few jaunty keyboard extras on some tracks was interesting enough to hold the audience's attention and their live performance itself was top