Dead Eye prove to be one of the weak links in the second stage this year

It is the middle of a long day, the sun is pounding down mercilessly on many a-metal fans head and what everyone could do with is a nice cold drink, be it alcoholic or not. So why is the beer tent/second stage so quiet? To be unfortunately honest, it's because Dead Eye with their rather generic music and performance are really nothing to be flocking to see unfortunately.

Musically speaking the band were little to write home about, typical heavy metal stylings with a largely riff driven approach, not a new idea but certainly not a bad one. The real problem in their music was that there was just nothing that grabbed a hold of me and really drew me into their set the way you would really want. Nor did this seem to be happening elsewhere in the small crowd they draw, the tent was mostly empty and those few people found there were mostly stood around and taking advantage of the more... alcoholic facilities of the tent. There were very few people stood at the barrier, few people showing their appreciation with any head banging or such, and overall the set just fell flat.

Overall, Dead Eye weren't a bad way of spending thirty minutes but nor were they anything special really. Their song writing is passable, and they have a few interesting guitar lines buried in their but I got the feeling throughout the set that what they really needed to do was find their own identity and perhaps gain a more vital and energetic live performance and then they'll really get the audiences they clearly want and make a more impressive mark at their future sets.