It's a laid back start to proceedings on the Surrey Advertiser stage as Laura Colegate . The crowd is pretty sparse but then it is throughout the site at this time and for an unknown artist and the first act on it's a respectable turn out.

Playing acoustic guitar and accompanied by cello, bongos and an acoustic session player, Laura Colegate continues a long tradition of acoustic female singer songwriters. Obvious comparisons to Katy Melua wouldn't be unfounded but if anything she has a stronger voice that works well with a confident if not complicated guitar style. The songs are very chilled out with an almost lazy feel at times and capture the feeling of the day well as it's blisteringly hot outside.

It's a shame the cello isn't louder in the mix as when it does come through it gives the songs a distinct Nick Drake sound and compliments the songs well. Laura clearly appears to be enjoying herself and that coupled with a cute smile does give her an added appeal. Overall it's good easy listening, contemporary folk music that wouldn't sound out of place on a bigger stage. Certainly one to look out for.