Dawn Treaders

Bring Me The Horizon explode onto the stage with an opening number played at a ferocious pace. Whilst they instantly have an impact the total wall of sound they emanate means much of the impressive guitar work is totally lost. A good, enthusiastic crowd gets moving straight away and gives plenty back to the band at every opportunity.

Vocalist Oliver Sykes throws in some forward rolls that add to his already confident and assured performance and delivers the quote of the weekend in an attempt to get the crowd worked up even more "come on you fucking hippies, dance like it's gonna save the whale!". Classic. This is metal and no mistaking but whilst visually entertaining, it is pretty hard to pick out a tune amongst the constant barrage of chugging riffs and explosive breaks.

When it does all come together though Bring Me The Horizon do have more going for them than many of their contemporaries, the drums and dual guitar parts in particular are exceedingly proficient. Sykes rather soft speaking voice gives way to deep growling and on tracks like 'Raw' you get exactly what you'd expect, all coupled with an infectious rhythm that gets the crowd bouncing.

The overall sound hasn't helped them tonight but they've more than demonstrated they have enough to hold their own against bigger already established bands. British hardcore metal would appear to be in safe hands.