Leather, Bristles, STuds and SikTH Boys

Quite rightly as headliners and the biggest band of the day thus far SikTH get by far the biggest crowd of the day in the Rock Sound Cave. It's been the day for metal so far and SikTH aren't about to buck that trend but they more than put their own stamp on proceedings. What they have, that many of the other bands have lacked today, is inventiveness and variety. Whilst as hard and heavy as all that has gone before they push the boundaries by mixing in samples and mixing up the vocals to great effect.

Showcasing newer material also shows that they are in no mood to slow down, songs like 'Flogging The Horses' illustrate exactly why they get the acclaim that they do. Within the space of a few minutes they combine hard and fast riffs with slower more progressive moments and do it extremely well. The two vocalists Mikee W. Goodman and Justin Hill play off each other throughout and both give 100%.

The crowd are enthusiastic and appreciative and ensure that SikTH are the only band of the day to get anywhere near a proper pit going. At times the songs are in danger of getting too complicated and busy but it's never long before some kind of order is restored and their sonic attack continues. The sound is good, which is a definite bonus and the speakers just about cope with the bands multi layered sound.

Inexplicably the crowd does thin out during their set but the hardcore of fans at the front are going nowhere and are treated to an excellent performance that more than proves SikTH worthy of their headlining status. Tonight SikTH don't just steal the show, they own it!