Shanty Town Shenanigans

With core members hailing from South Africa, Dorp benefit from the always better populated Saturday at Guilfest this year and get a decent turn out for a midday slot. Excellent sound gives them a further advantage and allows everything to come through well.

They play melodic indie rock with a hard edge that is supplemented by well placed and well worked samples. Although the majority of the crowd are sitting down the band aren't put off and give a confident and assured performance. Front man Piet Bez certainly looks the part and he works the small stage well.

Musically they are very tight and they come across well, drawing a healthy number of people into the tent as their set progresses. The guitar is crisp and cutting and is complimented by some tight and insistent drum work. The majority of the songs are mid paced and whilst not overly exciting are delivered with such authority that it makes them compelling to watch. Dorp provide a pretty good start to what promises to be an exceedingly good day.