Another shaggy dog story

The Mutts bring some much needed energy to the days proceedings with their brand of good old dirty rock and roll. With a good crowd and a good reception it's up tempo all the way and they get heads nodding amongst what has been a difficult crowd so far.

It seems to take some of the band a while to get into it and it's left to the drummer and singer Chris to provide the early visual performances. The Mutts produce a tight set full of hard rocking riffs and whilst the crowd are hardly enthused the band manage to hold their attention well. The Stones influence is evident everywhere, right down to the guitarists tshirt, the whole performance is just full of strut and swagger.

The sound problems that dogged Ariel-X's set threaten to resurface and although they seem to get sorted out early on they return sporadically throughout. Squealing guitar licks are backed by thundering bass and drums and the overall impression is highly favourable. Sure it's all very old school but you can't knock it when it's delivered with this much style.