Gentlemen guard your locks

Swiss trio Delilahs have a tough act following The Hedrons and immediately suffer from a much smaller crowd. With a couple of singles under their belts and some high profile support slots they have come a long way in a short time.

They are slower and more melodic than the punkier Hedrons but they do well and manage to impress early on. Clearly accomplished musicians they turn out a succession of upbeat songs and inject plenty of energy into the performance. What they lack is the explosive 'wow' factor but they are confident enough to more than hold their own on this stage.

Singer and bassist Muriel Rhyner has a good strong voice and she comes across well and is complimented by some impressive guitar work from Isabella Eder. Early highlights come with 'Coming Back All Over You' and the amusing 'One Nil at Home', apparently it's about losing 1-0, I can relate to that one! Good on 'em. Yet again the faulty crowd speaker strikes and is becoming irritating, to their credit the band rise above all problems and prove that they are a far better band than the small turn out would suggest. For a three piece they produce a big, full sound and there's little doubt that they could reproduce it on a bigger stage, on this evidence they deserve the chance.

They highlight recent single 'Let's Tango', which is catchy and well delivered and indicative of the overall sound Delilahs make. When they finish the small but enthusiastic crowd gives them a good reaction and it's well deserved.