Seafood Shuffle

The old guard have turned out in force for Blue Oyster Cult as they headline the Ents 24 stage on Saturday night. Such is the politeness of Guilfest that noone seems bothered that they are running late, although with an 11pm curfew they are in danger of having to cut the set short.

When they eventually take the stage the reception is predictably partisan. Now it has to be said that even from the back of the crowd they look old but hey, it's not what you look like it's the noise you make! The sound is way too quiet at the back and even further forward it still sounds quiet but what's still evident is that the quality of the musicianship is excellent; big guitar solos and detailed bass runs permeate and they proceed to give a master class in blues rock. Somewhat predictably the crowd love it and it's not hard to see why.

It's a simple fact that the bass player looks like Ricky Tomlinson but to his credit he moves about the stage like Ricky Martin and when he gets his solo spot towards the end of the set he's nothing short of shit hot. Musically the whole band are spot on, right down to the vocal harmonies they don't put a foot wrong. Their heyday may have been and gone but Blue Oyster Cult still know how to rock and how to but on a good show and judging by this crowd there are plenty that still want to see them do it.

Of course we get the obligatory 'Don't Fear The Reaper' to finish and it still sounds good today, surely the mark of any classic.