Real Madrid it isn't

One time Hawkwind member and Inner City Unit front man Nik Turner stepped in at the last minute with Galaktikos to replace the billed Space Ritual. With so many strings to his bow these days nobody is quite sure what style we'll be treated to today and despite some obligatory sonic swooshes early on it proves to be more jazz funk than space rock.

The crowd is very sparse although to be fair those that are here are in animated mood and quite a few more filter in throughout the set. Accompanied by a rastafarian vocalist Turner gives his usual steady performance on sax and flute, whilst behind him the band deliver a succession of lengthy jazz workouts. There are some wicked spacey guitar solos but this really isn't what the Rock Sound Cave is used to and although they do get a groove going at times (when they are reminiscent of early Colisseum) it's largely a forgettable performance. Even the mobile dalek on stage fails to ignite any real passion!

On the plus side they are the only band of the weekend so far to get the security guard dancing but surely they would have been better placed on one of the smaller stages where they would have packed it out?