Slowly slowly catchy monkey

Now I've been looking forward to this for weeks! Last year Neclar played on the Rock Sound stage and let's face it, they were a bit pants even with allowances for their tender years. This year they are relegated to the Surrey Advertiser Stage, which in all fairness is far more their level. So has the sound matured? Have they matured?! All is about to be revealed.

Early indications are favourable with a little more of a punky edge to their songs and benefitting from decent sound I have to say it appears they have been working hard. Today they appear to have brought half their school mates with them who cram down at the front and sporadically give a passable impression of a mosh pit (albeit a very young one!). Singer and guitarist Roland Johnson does his best to put on a show but is let down by the rest of the band who barely look up from their instruments.

The songs are pretty simple in structure and the guitars are way too quiet but the kids are having fun tonight, they even get a crowd surfer! The reaction is good but somewhat high pitched and once again you can't fault the guys for getting up there and doing it. That said there are still problems in the Neclar camp, they still haven't worked out how to finish a song properly and their new song (played for the first time tonight) is a total mess, they handle the tempo changes particularly badly.

Overall though they are getting there, give them a couple of years and maybe they'll be worthy of a return to the Rock Sound Cave. I offer them the following words of philosophical advice courtesy of the Anti Nowhere League "You criticise us, you say we're shit, but we're up here and we're doing it. So don't criticise the things we do, cos no fucker pays to go and see YOU!".