Some Proper Metal!!

There was something about the 2nd stage that I found appealing. I think it had something to do with the club style atmosphere the tent created. The closeness of the stage, the volume of the band, the intensity from these young musicians, all went to create a great platform for the many unsigned acts that had made the journey to Burton-on-Trent for our pleasure.

I love getting my butt kicked by a band, especially by a band I had never heard of until this day. Headless Cross came on mid Friday afternoon and quite frankly put the band on the main stage to shame. I escaped the dross of Athiest, cracked open a Tetleys and waited. What hit me was a sound of classic thrash mixed with modern day metal. Testament mixed with Machine Head so to speak.

Only after a couple of tracks the tent was almost full. One lad pushed his way to the front, turned to me and said, "Oh yes, some fuckin' proper metal!" and he was right. Headless cross twin axed their way through churning riff after churning riff, all capped with Dave Silver's Dave Mustaine style growl.

I caught up with the band after their gig and was astonished to find that guitarist Dave Del Cid and Eric Rios, had only been in the band for a matter of weeks. The band looked like a solid unit already, perhaps a testament to their experience and professionalism.

The appearance of some 'proper' metal, without any of the modern day trends of constant monotone screaming, hair gelled pretty boys and female fronted half assed rock was quite refreshing. It was nice to see that there are bands like Headless Cross flying the flag for English metal. If only record companies and promoters would take notice.

'Some fuckin' proper metal?' Oh yes indeed, and the crowd knew it too. Nice bunch of chaps as well.