Kingsize Pants

Before the festival I was quite surprised to hear Kingsize Blues would only be appearing on the 2nd stage. I'd first heard of the band when they were added to the Arch Enemy bill last year before the gig was pulled. Since then I've seen their name banded about in the newsagent publications, and so naturally thought they should've had a better standing at this metal festival.

Of course all of the above mindset was quashed within the first minute when a handful of screaming teenage girls greeted the young band (And when I say handful, I mean five). It was quite an embarrassing sight. There seemed to be a group of genuinely interested people (There were 21 of them, yes, I was so bored I counted them), then a gap, then the onlookers at the bar and around the back and sides of the tent.

The group of 21 seemed fanatical as three of the gang started a mosh pit as soon as Kingsize Blues kicked in with their generic metal core (If a mosh pit can be called a mosh pit with only three in it.). As soon as the band started playing you knew what you were going to get. A lot of jumping around, screaming vocals, very little melody and a set of songs that sounded all the same. This sort of music really is overrated but I must say Kingsize Blues play it well. Guitarist Alex gurns his way through the songs, vocalist Tom Hennessey has enough energy to power the local generators, and drummer Tori really is an exceptional talent. They were perhaps the best 'sounding' band on the 2nd stage over the two days, but as far as songs and appeal go, they were probably one of the worst.

Apart from their small bundle of fans, the rest of the tent didn't seem interested. Perhaps they were also embarrassed, like I was, by the Smash Hits poll winners' party atmosphere the screaming girls had created. There is no getting away from the fact that these guys can play, it's a shame they belittle themselves with such an unimaginative and uncreative style of metal. A band best heard at download than at Bloodstock methinks.