Music for Kids

I knew this would happen. The bandwagons are rolling into the precious few metal festivals we have in this country. Beyond All Reason are a bunch of kids who are part of the Kerrang and Scuzz generation. Lots of jumping about, lots of screaming, lots of gelled hair and lots of effort being put into some pretty worthless music. In fact, Beyond All Reason are almost carbon copies of Bullet for my Valentine, who, in this reviewers eyes, aren't worth copying in the first place.

This band is just a modern day version of the Bullet Boys, Enuff z Nuff or Britney Fox. Bandwagon jumpers, attempting to feed off the scraps left by the trend setters. Adored by kids with an attention span of ten minutes, and whose career will perhaps only last a little longer than that.

I found myself getting annoyed that a bunch of kids, who can obviously play, are demeaning themselves by playing such generic tripe. Ok, the band may be appearing on Scuzz TV but this is the point I'm trying to make. They're just another band joining the coffee table fodder. A bunch of promising kids who will be forgotten amidst the lagoon of modern media friendly rock.

The crowd were fairly amiable towards the band, because at least they were getting up there and 'doing it.' But sadly the tent was far from full. Those who watched were probably of the mindset that this wasn't the festival for these kids. Screaming/whiny vocals and pretty boys with guitars, don't seduce the older metal fans, unlike the younger generation. When their set finished I asked the guy to my left what he thought. He simply said "A load of Mcfly Shite," and, from what I had just witnessed, I wasn't going to argue with him.

I hope they can prove me wrong.