Solid Metal

The final band on the 2nd stage saw Deadweight provide a fitting end to a great platform, and dare I say it, a superbly organised mini event. The tent was almost full, thanks to the end of the Turisas circus, as the young band started playing. And that was the encouraging thing about Deadweight, their youth. Surely the guitarists Tom and Jay must still be at school, as must the drum master Dave. It was an encouraging sight to see such young talent being showcased in this way. The crowd warmed quickly to the youthful metallers, even starting some moshing behind the first couple of rows, much to State of Serenity's disgust as they were bumped by the flaying arms of the crazed dancers (C'mon S.O.S lighten up, it's a metal show!).

Vocalist Rich did a competent job screaming his lungs out, but sadly this is all he did, as well as wearing a line in the stage with his constant pacing back and forth. Their material was well received but left this reviewer a little cold. It was unmelodious screaming thrash, an indiscernible but competent slab of noise, not too dissimilar to the likes of Himsa.

Although their material wasn't the best of the day, you could see a huge potential in this band. They are young, they can play, the future looks bright. Their skills as song-writers will grow as they mature, I can only pray they get the backing their potential deserves, and a manger who will get the best from them.

It was a good end to a great side show to the main event, with the small fry often impressing more than the main acts. The crowd left the beer tent to get ready for Stratovarius which let the Metal Karaoke gang set up their equipment. I myself headed to the donut bar...again.