They will get better

Turisas had drawn the biggest crowd of the day leaving the 2nd stage full of stragglers, family and reviewers. However the Turisas fans didn't really miss much as Sicfelt tried hard but on the whole failed to impress. The band certainly weren't the worst act on the day, far from it, but they didn't look like a solid unit.

Talented guitarist Sy, with his long hair and BC Rich guitar, looked a traditional thrash metal fan. His Dimebag throes and Pantera t-shirted garb illustrated this fact. Vocalist Poynt, whilst sporting a cap, looked more like the singer from a hardcore band such as Knuckledust. Ozzy the bass player could have come straight from Coal Chamber or some other nu-metal act, and drummer Paul looked like he wouldn't have been out of place behind the kit in Wet Wet Wet.

Of course image is nothing, music is everything. But there's something more impressive about seeing such acts as Seasons End or Ensiferum because they look like a team all pulling in the same direction. Sicfelt, at present, look like they're from 4 different bands who have come together to jam on some tunes. Unfortunately the sound was against them for the first half of the set. Ozzy's bass completely dominated the proceedings, which was a shame as Sy's guitar work and gritty riffing looked quite handy.

The last couple of tracks saw the sound controller pushing the guitars up and suddenly Sicfelt came across a little better. Poynt's vocals were adequate for a hardcore band, but I felt it was too much for some of the groove ridden riffs being chocked out by the rest of the band. I have to say, I warmed to Sicfelt. There was something about them that was appealing, an undercurrent that suggested there could be more from this band in the future. The band lack direction at present, and little less 'go for the throat' tactics as regard song-writing, would go down a treat.