Monkey See Monkey Do

UFO are one of those rare bands that everyone seems to have heard of and yet if you asked the majority of them to name a UFO song they'd be stumped. Many members have come and gone throughout their 35 year career but the current line up centres around original members Phil Mogg, Pete Way and Andy Parker. Alas there is no Michael Schenker tonight but his replacement Vinnie Moore does an admirable job.

Once the crowd get over Pete Way's dodgy striped trousers they are treated to a solid selection from UFOs back catalogue although it all starts rather worryingly as Mogg is slurring his words and doesn't know the set list; it seems he's taken full advantage of backstage hospitality! However the sound is excellent and when he starts to sing it all comes together and he never stops moving about the stage throughout the set.

Opening with 'Mother Mary' they run through 'Let It Roll', 'I'm a Loser' and 'This Kid's' to name but a few. The band really seem to be enjoying themselves and have lost none of their energy over the years. The crowd is loving it too and chant the band name between songs before getting their chance to sing too on songs like 'Only You Can Rock Me Rock Me'. It's all going rather well and after 'Lights Out' and 'Rock Bottom' they finish in style with a rousing version of perhaps their most famous song 'Doctor Doctor'.

UFO have been great tonight, even if you're not a fan of their music you can't fault them as a band, they still know how to rock and how to put on a good old hard rock show and this crowd have loved every minute. Their new album 'The Monkey Puzzle' is out on 25th September.