Playing the hits one more time

This was the moment for Hard-Fi to put to bed their debut album 'Stars Of CCTV' and bow out of playing live for a few months while it's follow-up is completed.

In truth the real celebration time was their five night run in London last May, and the open air show they played in Leeds a few days later, but given that they weren't at V last year it seems reasonable for the record to be given one more blast.

The set opened with album track 'Middle Eastern Holiday', with 'Tied Up Too Tight' following soon after.

The brief taster of what we might expect from the next Hard-Fi record was, on one listen, nothing to write home about, however when album number two does arrive, it's certain to be full of uplifting Indie anthems like it's predecessor.

Hard-Fi have often done cracking covers live, 'Town Called Malice' with a little help from Mr Weller at Brixton was a stunning moment. Their version of 'Seven Nation Army' is popular, but doesn't quite have the same edge of some they've performed.

From the halfway point onwards this set was crowd pleasing anthem after crowd pleasing anthem. 'Cash Machine', 'Hard To Beat' and 'Stars Of CCTV' were all belted out by the thousands packed in front of the Main Stage.

They rounded off with the regular set closer 'Living for the Weekend', and departed to make way for hero Paul Weller with the crowd buzzing.

This has been a long road for Hard-Fi, remember 'Stars Of CCTV' was originally a mini album released in 2004. Just over one year on from it's full release it still remains a great record, but it will be nice for Hard-Fi to return in a years time with something fresh.