Too Short!

Gone in thirty minutes, or maybe it was thirty-five, either way it was simply too damn short!

This was the third time I'd seen Morning Runner in the past five weeks, and sadly it was the weakest of the three performances.

Unlike at
Guilfest And
Electric Gardens, They were playing an early stage slot, and had very little time to play with.

They'd clearly decided this was an occasion for the more rocky based side of their work, and so current single 'Oceans' and recent one 'The Great Escape' were both missing. In fact this was a surprisingly unhit heavy half hour, as 'Be All You Want Me To Be' also didn't get played, nor the brilliant acoustic-based album track 'Punching Walls'.

The band's most well-known song 'Burning Benches' was included, as was early single 'Gone Up In Flames' and debut album opener 'It's Not Like Everyone's My Friend'.

They got a decent reaction from an OK sized crowd, for those seeing them for the first time this may well have been an enjoyable performance. Don't get me wrong Morning Runner played a solid set; I'm merely picking holes as I know how great they really can be.