Rakish behaviour

Clashing with Pearl Jam on the main stage has made a bit of a dent in The Rakes crowd but there are still plenty in and as they have been all day the crowd are in full voice.

I can't put my finger on it but today The Rakes just don't have the same impact as they do in an indoor venue, the sound comes over rather lightweight and weak. The Rakes promise much, their songs are fast and urgent and they put on a good show but they just don't have many killer tunes and some of todays songs like 'We Are All Animals' are decidedly average. If they had Boy Kill Boy's choruses they'd be fantastic, as it is, one or two tracks aside I'm afraid they just don't live up to expectations.

When they get going they have the energy to carry the crowd with them but much like their debut album they often lose the momentum and start to sound a bit tired. That said they are entertaining to watch with vocalist Alan in particular putting in a good performance. They do finish in style with storming version of '22Grand Job' but overall it's a case of shining in places and being dull in others.