Not Boy Called Roy

On the back of their recent debut album 'Civilian', Boy Kill Boy pull a big crowd and waste little time winning them over with some solid indie rock. They impress from the start with a catchy blend of guitars and big choruses.

The music isn't hard in a metal sense but it's upbeat, loud and just what's required to lift the spirits after some rain and some rather lacklustre performances from preceding acts. Centred around vocalist and guitarist Chris Peck, Boy Kill Boy would appear to be the complete package, they look the part, they sound good and they know exactly how to mix melody and power. If anything the longer the set goes on the better they play.

The choruses are great sing a long affairs that give plenty of opportunities for crowd interaction, all of which are eagerly grasped. The sound is good, which allows everything to come through well including the keyboards that all too often get lost in the mix at festivals. There are a couple of weaker tracks but they are totally overshadowed by the better songs such as 'Six Minutes'. Predictably after such a good performance they go down exceedingly well and deservedly so.