More GLC Fun

Goldie Lookin' Chain gave some light relief for those who wanted to hide from the rain, or Slayer, or maybe even both. They're not everyone's bag but GLC are unquestionably one of the best acts to have at a festival, simple, direct, excellently executed, raw entertainment. The onstage banter between band members and the audience never fails to amuse, all be it sometimes if the sound quality isn't perfect or the fans are especially vocal some of what they do can be lost.

For this reason they always pull a massive crowd, whether on a main stage, or in this case, the Radio 1 Tent on Friday afternoon.

With a growing number of hit singles their setlist shows no sign of falling flat on it's arse. This time they opened with 'Half Man Half Machine', with 'Guns Don't Kill People, Rappers Do', 'Your Missus Is A Nutter' and the Grange Hill sample driven 'Charmschool' all getting great reactions. The set rounded off, as is often the case, with the cult favourite 'You're Mother's Got A Penis', bringing to an end another job well done by the Welsh band.

Every time I see them I wonder how long the gag will last, it's still lasting! 2007 anyone?