From New York to Dresden

The Dresden Dolls don't pack out the Radio 1 tent but it's not far off and there's definitely standing room only.

It's fair to say that the Dresden Dolls are unique, blending cabaret stylings with punk attitude and an enthralling stage presence. The pairing of vocalist/keyboard player Amanda Palmer and drummer Brian Viglione get a huge reception from the crowd and it's richly deserved as they proceed to dazzle the assembled with a quite stunning display of musicianship.

Despite it being a staple part of the set for some time now their cover of Sabbath's 'War Pigs' is still nothing short of amazing. Perhaps not sure of the crowd though Amanda does feel the need to tell them who it's by! Considering there are only two of them they manage to create great variety in the sound from the slower, more atmospheric numbers to faster and more aggressive songs, all of which receive a fervent reaction. Amanda's vocals in particular are spot on and soar above every song.

Songs from the new album ('Yes, Virginia') such as 'Dirty Business' come across as more melodic and a little more mainstream in structure compared to older material. One of the highlights of the set comes in the form of a cover of the Kaiser Chiefs 'Everyday I Love You Less and Less', which goes down an absolute storm with the whole crowd clapping and singing along. It seems the Dresden Dolls can do no wrong today and they wind it all up with a fantastic version of 'Girl Anachronism'. Another fantastic performance from a band that is surely one of the worst kept secrets around!