Placebo Return

For the first time today a real crowd actually gathers at the main stage as Brian Molko and the rest of Placebo as they open with "Infrared". It's only been to years since their last Carling Weekend: Reading & Leeds slot, but with a new album under their belt they've returned.

Unlike many other bands at the festival, Placebo emit a true stage presence and ooze with confidence. By the time "Black-Eyed" finishes the crowd from from to back let out rapturous applause. With a set list resembling a best-of the likes of "Every You Every Me", "Special K" and "The Bitter End", Placebo make up for in music and presence what they definitely lack in words to the crowd between songs.

With effects-laden guitar, keyboard and melodic vocals it is hard to place Placebo in any one genre and it is this that gives them such a wide appeal. When "Nancy Boy" finishes as the sun sets behind the main stage, it is clear that Placeboo haven't lost a single bit of their stage presence over the years and are still a band that everyone should see at least once.