Go Gerard!

With Gerard Way walking out on stage sporting a rather fetching military-style band uniform, the emo cries of MCR are a million miles away from the metal legends Slayer who graced the main stage earlier in the day. The most disturbing part of all this is that they seem to draw a larger crowd.

If you forget the music for a minute, one thing has to be said about My Chemical Romance's fanbase and that is that they know the true meaning of being a fan and they are all truly fanatical. They are one of a few fanbases that don't bat an eyelid at following their favourite band around the country, and world, from venue to venue. Just a quick search on the internet for My Chemical Romance will reveal hundreds of lustful fan-fiction stories from their female (and male) fans that seem to crave the band in a worrying, and quite frankly disturbing way. It's a fanaticism that can seem strange to those on the outside, but it's also a fanaticism that is incredibly dedicated and explains the huge crowd of swooning teens.

Watching MCR, speaking as a neither teenage nor female, the band don't actually do anything that sets them apart from a lot of other generic emo bands. They play some average music, they lack any huge stage presence and put on an average show. Despite all this there is no denying the fact that there is a huge connection between the fans and Gerard's posturing.

For those in the crowd that aren't fans of My Chemical Romance there are a lot of bored faces but as "Helena" brings the set and the fans to a climax it's impossible to deny the band's ability to interact with their fans... even if it's inexplicable and unwarranted.