True Metal

Slayer are one of the few true metal bands to have appeared at this year's Leeds Festival and their performance was second to none.

Opening with "South of Heaven", it becomes clear that the Leeds crowd isn't what it once was. With hardly anyone at the main stage and Goldie Lookin' Chain packed out there just don't seem to be any true metallers at Leeds anymore. Slayer are one of a few true bands amongst a white wash of generic indie - and with flying Vs and a Heineken guitar, it couldn't get much more metal.

"War Assemble" follows to the only metal heads in the north of England as the heavens open themselves and the cold rain that Leeds is renown for starts to fall. This doesn't matter though to those here as slayer are a definition of metal incarnate and masters of what do. With new material playing in the rain even most dedicated of fans would normally abandon the rain and go in search of warmth, but Slayer's fans continue to cheer and then erupt as the introduction to "Dead Skin Mask" rings out through the PA.

Slayer are a one of a kind band, one of a handful of bands that transcend a standard performance and inspire thousands of other bands worldwide. Whist hardly anyone may be here, those that are have seen one of the best sets that Leeds will see all weekend. Slayer's new album is out now.