Back on Form

After what seemed a rather dull and tuneless outing at Download this year, it's refreshing to once again see Bulet for my Valentine playing to the standard they're capable of. Despite the fact that this is one of the smaller crowds of the day it seems to only encourage them more as they open to a brutal barrage of bass, piercing vocals and searing guitars with "Hand of Blood".

Moving through "4 Words (To Choke Upon)", "Tears Don't Fall" and "No Control" the crowd manage to open a circle pit despite the fact that they're all caged in to just a few rows tanks to a new and unpopular barrier separating the crowd from each other.

As their short set comes to a close with "Her Voice Resides" it is clear that the Welsh quartet are still more than capable of putting on a show with the same power and intensity that they have been doing since day one. With the finale dedicated to Slayer there are few better ways to prepare.