We Love You Charlie!

When Fightstar first came to the rock world in early 2005, Charlie and his band of merry men promised to be a fresh, new and energetic hardcore band. Instead a band that somehow seem arrogant and average arrived on the scene and despite all of the money behind hem they have remained distinctly average and unimpressive to most of the music world.

As the crowd empties after Towers of London finish a flag saying "We Love Charlie of Busted" rises over one of the few members of the crowd. Whether this is a joke, or serious all that it leaves to be said is "Oh Dear". As their 30 minute set starts the vocals are not in any kind of balance with the rest of the band, the drums and bass then drown everything else out and it takes a couple of songs before anything becomes even remotely listenable.

Despite the few hardcore Fightstar fans they just fail to impress the majority of the crowd and Charlie's request for the "first mosh pit of the day" goes unheeded, possibly as you need more than 3 people in a crowd to start one. A few rows right at the front may be throwing their hands around every once in a while, but most people have retreated to the comfort of the damp grass rather than standing up for any longer.

Fightstar can play, it's not that they're talentless. The problem is that they're nothing special just one more band that could easily be replaced without anybody really caring. If you want yet another hardcore band then they may be for you but if you're looking for something remotely different then look elsewhere.