They're Back

Back in the UK after a long break, The Vines walk on stage and launch straight in to "Dope Train" followed by "Highly Evolved" before Craig Nichols announces how happy he is to be at Leeds.

By the time "Outtathaway" starts the Radio One sage is packed from front to back with thousands of people jumping in unison with Craig. As hit after hit follows "Ride" sees the crowd erupt in to a defening chorus that easily makes the PA seem quiet.

Throughout, The Vines' performance is faultless producing more energy than a nuclear power station. Song after song follows with the band taking no break for even a breath between songs. If all indie bands were to put this much passion, energy and talent in to their music and live performances then it wouldn't be a genre that so many people frown upon. The Vines are absolute leaders of a genre and are a band that so many more should look to.

As "Get Free" and "Fuck the World" end their set there is no doubt that there is no other band quite like The Vines.