Odd, Very Odd

It's hard to put your finger on exactly who and what the Mystery Jets are - with an eclectic mix of members, a distinctly unique sound and a life ring on the stage. From first glance it is almost as if they seem confused and unsure of their own direction, but if you listen and look for more than a few seconds it all seems to fit together.

The Mystery jets are odd in all respects. Coming from Eel Pie Island in the middle of the Thames (once invaded by Danny Walace) and having the keyboardist's father in the band is one thing, renaming your band from the Misery Jets simply because you made a mistake when writing the band name on your drum skin is another thing but combine all these strange oddities and you get something really unique.

The Mystery Jets also provide a strange response in the crowd, moments that may be most suited for raised lighters produce waves of crowd surfers and times when you'd expect people to hurl themselves towards each other ends up in large sections of the crowd opening in to areas of spontaneous and spacious dancing.

With penetrating, soaring vocals and a mix of guitars, keyboard and drums The Mystery Jets also produce a sound that is very much unique to them and provides something for most people. As their set draws near the end with their new single "Diamonds in the Dark", the mystery of what makes The Mystery Jets will, most likely, never be solved. Whatever it is though it works well.