Time To Fly

With a name like Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly it seems a lot of people are intrigued and shrug off The Subways to fill the Carling Stage. Two men, one acoustic guitar, one drum set and a shiny Apple laptop are apparently all it takes to provide the recipe that any super-hero needs.

Despite those of us that are curious though it is also clear that the band have started to build up a mainstream fan base relatively fast and a lot of them are here today. With just a few minutes for their entire set each song is greeted with an uproar from the crowd which gets louder with each song as the duo win over more people.

Their music is certainly different from the vast oceans of indie that seem to be swamping this year's line-up. With clear and passionate vocals, acoustic strumming and, for a change, interesting drumming just two men manage to produce much more stage presence than a lot of the larger bands at Leeds all put together.

By the end of their thirty-five minute set there is no doubt that they have won over countless new fans today. They may not be super heroes yet, but they're more than capable of it.