Weekend can't come too soon!

Thursday are a hard one to call, they have some great sing along choruses and some great hardcore breaks but everything leading up to those parts is decidedly weak. Geoff Rickly's vocals sound a bit like AFI's Davy Havoc in the high parts and I can confidently say that if you're not a fan of that vocal style then you'll hate Thursday.

I can't decide about their performance either, musically they are very tight, even with Mike D'Antonio from Killswitch Engage standing in on bass for Tim Payne, but visually it's a bit like watching Bon Jovi! As their set progresses Rickly becomes increasingly annoying, his vocals are whiney, his between song patter is lame and he dresses like the aforementioned Mr.Bon Jovi. Sandwiched between the big sound of Body Count and the crunching sound of Sick of it All, Thursday sound lame by comparison and the more they play the less enthused I become.

They go down OK but the reaction is hardly ecstatic and the crowd is one of the smaller today despite them being one slot away from being headliners (to be fair though they are clashing with Franz Ferdinand). Thursday have been playing this festival for six years and have even graced the main stage on occasion, for my money they can go back there! They just seem out of place on this bill and after half an hour I'm willing them to finish early. Thursday just don't cut it today and it doesn't seem that too many people are bothered when they finish.