Doc Marten would be proud

New Jersey's Bouncing Souls have been around for nearly twenty years and the crowd they get reflects the fact that they have managed to stay up at the forefront of 'real' punk for most of that time. They play classic fast paced melodic punk, it's undeniably good time punk rock with plenty of great shout along choruses. It does take them a couple of songs to really get going today but when they do get into it they do it in style with singer Greg Attonito jumping down off the stage as bassist Bryan Kienlen launches himself off the drum riser.

It could be argued that Bouncing Souls are a bit of a one trick pony but it's some trick and hell, it never did Bad Religion any harm! Sure there's nothing particularly original about them but they are an excellent band who know how to put on a damn fine show. The new material is just as strong as the old, the title track from their new album 'The Gold Song' being the perfect example. It has all the elements that you want from a great punk band and shows that there's plenty of life left in these guys yet.

Unlike several of the other bands playing today there are no duff songs on offer here and the performance matches the quality of the songs. Is it just me or does Greg Attonito does look worryingly like a young Chevvy Chase?