Perfrect Performance

For the first time today the atmosphere in the Lockup Stage is actually palpable well before Rise Against even set a foot on the stage. As the tension gradually builds and builds it's all released in one gigantic roar as the band walk out on stage. Formed in 1999, Rise Against are a melodic hardcore band from Chicago and with years of touring experience and five major release albums under their belt it is perhaps no surprise that the atmosphere is so electric.

The band meet their fans head on with their mix of searingly melodic vocals, pounding drum & bass and thrashing guitar riffs. Each and every song culminates in cheers that easily drown out the PA.

Crowd surfer after crowd surfer pours over the security barrier whilst parts of the crowd erupt in to giant circle pits and everyone else seems to surge towards the barrier. All at the same time.

The tension that seemed to be initially released has now returned and continues to grow with each song. Throughout their entire set the band never fail to give anything other than their all with an absolutely perfect performance. This is what live music is meant to be about. It's just a shame nobody else told the other bands.