Lightyears from sanity

Lightyear are a seven piece ska/punk band from Derby that have returned (after splitting up in 2003) for a quick tour and dates at Leeds and Reading festivals.

They are quite lightweight in sound but it's some stage show, when any of them aren't actually playing they launch themselves around the stage in all manner of amusing ways. They're certainly not as hardcore as bands like Capdown but they're extremely good at what they do and they do get the crowd going.

Beginning the set clad in nowt but white shorts and trainers, singer Chas Palmer-Williams is highly entertaining. Just as I'm thinking that I really don't need to see his ass hanging out he pre-empts me and strips completely! All this before leaping off the stage to get down to the crowd at the front, during which time 4 of the other band members conduct a brilliant morris dancing style stick bashing session. If things weren't weird enough already Trumpet player and vocalist Neil Draycott then reappears on stage also completely naked and riding a pantomime horse! Then of course Chas threatens to piss on the stage, thankfully he doesn't but it's hilarious to watch and let's not forget that despite all this they are a damn good band.

I couldn't tell you the title of a single song they played but I won't forget this show in a hurry, for sheer entertainment value they were one of the best bands of the weekend and it's a real shame that they will be splitting up again.