Zombie Creeping Flesh

Despite being only the second band of the day the Lock Up tent is packed out for Send More Paramedics. They arrive on stage with the now customary make up, although it's not as heavy as it's been in the past. If you've never heard Send More Paramedics they are probably best summed up as zombie thrash metal and basically they do exactly what it says on the tin.

As they rip into their set, singer B'Hellmouth goes straight to the front of the stage and stays there for most of the set, giving it straight to the crowd who it has to be said do a fine job of giving it straight back! The bass player never stops moving and hurtles across the stage at every opportunity, infact the whole band put on a great performance. They get a big circle pit going during songs like 'Burning the Body' and 'Heathen' (I think!), unless you're an aficionado it's hard to tell what the songs were called, most were introduced with "this one's called ooaaarrgghhh!".

It's an intense performance that shows Send More Paramedics to be far more than their image would suggest. The songs are fast but never ridiculously so and the longer the set goes on the more impressive they become. On today's evidence I don't think it would be unfair to say that they should be up there with the major players in the thrash metal world, they are certainly worthy of attention.