True Rock

Bouncy hair, a packed crowd and classic rock riffs that sound like the dirty love child of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and every other classic rock band to ever exist would be a perfect band to play the carling Weekend. Lucky for us that that's exactly what Wolfmother are. From Australia the band's first self-titled EP was released in 2004 and after huge success it went on to their major label signing and album release in 2005.

Opening their first ever Leeds set with "Dimension", the main stage is filled from front to back as rumours about what Wolfmother are like circulate the site. By the start of "White Unicorn" cheers echo around Bramham as Andrew Stockdale (vocals) declares "we have no light show and are just 3 guys here to play some sock 'n' roll" and that is exactly what they are. With fantastically indulgent solos, dirty excess filled riffs and perfect timing they are everything that rock should be and more.

For a first time main stage outing the band have the whole of Leeds eating out of the palm of their hands, strutting around the stage as if it was built just for them. There is no doubt that this band belong here and will return again and again in the future. If you have any taste what so ever then this is the band for you. Like other bands that have opened up the main stage at the Carling Weekend and later been promoted to headliners, it wouldn't surprise me to see Wolfmother back again very soon.